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July 3rd, 2006:
removed guestbook due to too much spam...

November 19th, 2004:
almost doubled width of pictures to 700 pixels

11.February 2002:
added background pictures

01.August 2001:
added pictures of Pusan city

31.July 2001:
added pictures of temples in Seoul

25.July 2001:
added pictures of Kyongsangbuk-Do and Kyonggi-Do

13.July 2001:
added information about national belongings

09.April 2001:
added digital postcards of Korea

10.November 2000:
added pictures of Seoul

19.Oktober 2000:
added pictures of Kangwon province

06.Oktober 2000:
added pictures of Ch'ungch'eongnam province

05.Oktober 2000:
first content on homepage
added facts about me
added pictures of Cheju Island
happy being online!

mid of September 2000:
dummy page online

mid of August 2000:
confirmation of domain reservation!
I'm happy to have such an appropriate domain name :-)